Week 42 and 43: I’m diving into learning Javascript this summer. Also a few other side projects.
My dog, the cutiepie shown above, has been a little ill as of late :( We took him to the vet and his very slow heart rate, low body temperature, and other symptoms are pointing to Addison’s disease - which is a hereditary hormone deficiency because his little adrenal glands can’t produce enough… aka hypoadrenocorticism. He needs more testing but just the fact that he’s not well is breaking my heart.
Yes this is a blog about my life through grad school but there are many other aspects that affect my academic life. This little cutiepie is one of them.

Spring Break 2014 | doggie in his classic sphinx pose. He loves my ceiling to floor mirrors.

I present to you little cute dog butt.

Begging for food | when he looks his cutest

PS: cutiepie comes to visit in a week!!

Christmas 2013 | sporting a winter scarf, wool.
Deep plum, grey, and warm charcoal in a loose plaid arrangement - subtle festive winter colours.
Colour palette complements fluffy ‘lion tawny’ fur nicely for a holiday look.